50 Mouth-Watering Recipes For Promoting A Lean & Chiseled Physique

I get so many people asking me "Greg, What kind of foods do I make? What kind of meals do you eat? How do I hit my calories and macros?" I actually crafted together a brilliant book called KinoChef with Emily Ness. It's all about making simple, delicious, and satisfying recipes.

Here's the deal, achieving your fitness goals is about the calories and getting in sufficient proteins, a balance of fat and carbs which is really important. A lot of meals and diet books and cookbooks kind of operate on one extreme, low-carb or low-fat. We know that's horrible for testosterone. You need a balance.

Really, there's meals that are going to keep you satisfied on your calorie intake and there are meals that are going to make you hungrier. You want to emphasize foods and meals that really satisfy you and that aren't too high in fat, not too low in fat, have that perfect balance ratio.

The KinoChef is great for people that want to eat delicious foods that are simple enough to make and will keep you super satisfied. I'm talking about real delicious meals around lean meats and potatoes and delicious stuff like this. It's simple. It's really simple. It's awesome stuff. It will take away a lot of the head games and the thinking out of the equation so you can just make the meal and enjoy it. It shows you how to set up the meal plans for building muscle and leaning down, so something really cool to have in your back pocket.

Learning how to cook is an important skill because if you are eating out every single day, it's hard to really know what you're getting. I do it all the time but then I have to cook a lot so I can kind of balance it out.

Check out the KinoChef if you are looking for meals that are optimized for the Kinobody lifestyle.

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Emily Ness
Emily Ness

Emily loves sharing her passion for food and fitness on her popular blog Cooking Up Happiness.

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